Cenergy Power

Solar Project Engineering

Cenergy Power persistently focuses on executing three key elements extremely well: engineering, construction and post-commissioning operations and maintenance.

Before building permits are pulled and site construction begins on any project, Cenergy Power goes through a comprehensive engineering process (at no charge to our clients) that produces a detailed site survey, optimal system design, and efficient project financing for the solar system. Our rigorous process is handled by an integrated team of seasoned engineering, financial and legal experts to provide enterprises with granular and accurate details on the solar economics of their project.

Cenergy’s three basic solar engineering steps are:

Detailed Site Survey: Cenergy starts this process with a detailed analysis of the electrical profile of the client’s facility and their utility’s various rate structures and pricing policies.

System Design: Cenergy then deploys our team of seasoned professional engineers to survey the physical characteristics of the proposed solar site. After several design reviews and approval from the client, they will produce an optimal solar system design package to pull permits. The final design will take into account local solar irradiance and meteorological data, shading factors, electrical line losses, building code requirements, existing electrical infrastructure, footprint/ traffic constraints, etc. Our technical engineers’ +20 years of experience in commercial electrical, civil and structural engineering helps to ensure optimal energy production (typically +5% overproduction) and smooth processing of permits and interconnection.

Financial Engineering: Cenergy next explores project finance options with the client and its financial advisors. This financial engineering process assesses the client’s tax, accounting and credit profiles to produce several viable financing options and their economic impacts. Cenergy’s in-depth understanding of the legal, tax and accounting consequences related to the many financing options available for solar projects typically results in an optimal financial structure for our clients.

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