Cenergy Power

A customer-centric approach differentiates Cenergy Power.

We don't just build solar projects, we build relationships.

Cenergy Power delivers the following critical benefits to our customers better than any other solar developer: best pricing/solar savings, unmatched experience, uncompromising quality and genuine solar goodwill. By means of our lean and integrated capabilities, we aim to aid businesses worldwide to go green not only to reduce their carbon footprint but also because our programs make economic sense. While many leading clean power companies view government subsidies for renewable energy as a license to maintain high mark-ups, we seize this opportunity to rapidly drive down the cost of clean power solutions.

Price/Solar Savings

Cenergy Power’s turnkey solution has one installed price, which is inclusive of:

20 year installation warranty.

25 year manufacturer warranty on modules.

Monitoring and flat-panel display.

Our turnkey pricing is market-leading and below other leading solar integrators by as much as 25% because of superior cost efficiencies, integration and discipline.


Cenergy Power understands the intimate details to every component that results in optimal design, construction and financing of large power systems. Our core team includes professionals with the following backgrounds:

Project Finance and Deal Structuring Expertise.

Power Quality proficiency from +110 years of designing and engineering inverters and power systems.

Civil/ Structural Professional Engineering know-how.

Lead Installers with +200 project experience.


Cenergy Power takes quality control and workmanship very seriously. Before each system is commissioned, we perform the following quality control procedures:

Power quality assessment to ensure the solar power and inverter are producing minimal total harmonic distortion and no unwanted noise is delivered to sensitive loads.

Final quality inspection and audit, with detailed validation testing of key system components prior to commissioning to insure the solar system is producing power to its optimal potential.

Solar Goodwill

Cenergy Power is relentless in its quest to build unparalleled solar goodwill with our prospective/existing customers and strategic partners. While this intangible asset is often undervalued, we fully understand that it often translates into repeat business, referrals and brand value. To us, delivering superior savings to customers is not leaving money on the table... only goodwill. We ultimately believe that this is an intangible asset that makes us worthy advocates for cleaner and more affordable energy in the world.

Solar Systems & Services

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