Cenergy Continues Its Agriculture and C&I Market Growth in California

Cenergy Alert: Cenergy Continues Its Agriculture and C&I Market Growth in California


This Cenergy Alert is to inform you of Cenergy Power’s continued growth and capability to serve agricultural, commercial and industrial (C&I) businesses in its home state of California.  As of January 1, 2017, Cenergy has developed, engineered and installed +200 megawatts (MW) over +250 solar projects.

For 2016, Cenergy worked on at least 26 MWs of solar projects in California out of an installed base of 48 MW. To provide a sense of scale, Cenergy’s installed capacity for 2016 could have provided clean power to about 8,000 homes.

The following active and recently completed solar projects represent our diverse geographic footprint and client base in California:

Marin Clean Energy (Richmond, CA) – 13 MW

Pitman Family Farms (Sanger, CA): 2 MW
Kilroy Realty (San Diego, CA): 5 MW City of Monterey Park (Monterey Park, CA): 2MW
Worth Farms (Huron, CA):  3.4 MW Errotabere Ranches (Riverdale, CA): 642 kW
Sill Properties (Shafter, CA): 2.2 MW Creighton Farms (Weldon, CA): 916 kW
New Haven USD (Union City, CA): 3 MW Nusil Technology (Bakersfield, CA): 623 kW
Anza Electric Cooperative (Anza, CA): 2.7 MW UC Davis (Davis, CA): 40 kW
Bruce Myers Farms (Colusa, CA): 1.2 MW Porto Bros Farming (Kerman, CA): 836 kW
Dust Bowl Farms (Colusa, CA): 1.1 MW Coburn Ranch (Merced, CA): 434 kW

​Because of Cenergy’s recent increase in California projects, we have hired eight experienced technical and customer care professionals to better service our California clients on a post-construction basis.

“With our ever-improving cost and financing structures for California projects, we are seeing project after-tax investment returns of up to 38%,” states Nader Yarpezeshkan, Cenergy’s head of commercial solar.

To learn more about the solar economics in 2017 and latest market updates, please contact Nader Yarpezeshkan at nader@cenergypower.com or (760) 603-1933.

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