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About Cenergy Power

We are a solar developer and installer for agricultural, commercial, industrial and utility scale markets. Our team is comprised of seasoned solar professionals and financial experts focused on one thing: delivering unmatched value to commercial, agricultural and utility customers interested in solar photovoltaic ("PV") solutions. Cenergy Power's superior financing options provide businesses with solar or clean power implementation without down payments, installation costs or hidden fees. This customer-centric approach is unheard of in the solar industry.

Cenergy Power's integrated capabilities provide businesses with an annual internal rate of return on their clean power investments of up to 25%. With the rising cost of energy and escalating environmental concerns, there has never been a better time to go solar.

Cenergy Power's integrated capabilities in engineering, design, power quality, installation and financing structures enable the delivery of superior clean energy solutions in the areas that matter most--- pricing, financing and quality assurance.

Cenergy Power is a division of BAP Power Corporation

Our Mission

Our mission is to aggressively drive the cost of solar power downward while maintaining first-class quality and service.

By means of our lean and integrated capabilities, we aim to aid businesses worldwide to go green not only to reduce their carbon footprint but also because our programs make economic sense.

While many leading clean power companies view government subsidies for renewable energy as a license to maintain high mark-ups, we seize this opportunity to rapidly drive down the cost of clean power solutions.

Our Solution

Cenergy Power has unique integrated capabilities in the areas of solar integration, supply chain management, design and engineering, financial structuring and six sigma quality assurance. Expertise in these many areas under one roof has enabled us to be lean and dramatically reduce installed costs relating to solar.

Cenergy Power's solution to the current environmental and economical concerns associated with fossil fuels is to take advantage of two things: Mother Nature's most abundant resource- the sun and Cenergy Power's clean, green power programs. We will help you go green and keep the profits in your pocket.

The Team

Cenergy Power understands the intimate details to every component that results in optimal design, construction and financing of large power systems. Our core team includes professionals with the following backgrounds:

Project Finance and Deal Structuring Expertise.

Power Quality proficiency from +110 years of designing and engineering inverters and power systems.

Civil/ Structural Professional Engineering know-how.

Lead Installers with +200 project experience.

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